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The Pollocks - Fridays After Five

Fri, Jul 28, 2017

The Pollocks - Fridays After Five

with Larkspur


The Pollocks - Batesville Pop and Rock - Free Show

Jason Pollock was the lead guitarist and founding member of multi-platinum rock band, Seven Mary Three, writing such hit songs as “Cumbersome”, “Water’s Edge” and “Rock Crown”. With his new group, The Pollocks, Jason shares the creative process with fellow songwriter Thomas Gunn (guitar, bass, vocals), Nathan West (drums) and Maryline Meyer (vocals, percussion).

“Johnny Sunshine and The Rainbows”, The Pollocks’ new album, was recorded mostly live in a centuries old farm house, using vintage analog equipment. It’s an album about the love and shared sense of purpose that the band discovered while walking through the fire: when a new roof was being hammered onto the house the band played louder, when an error was discovered with the sound going to tape, the band re-recorded half of the album, Nathan broke his ankle and was out of commission for months, and two other members ultimately quit the band before recording ended.

From the stark realism of the plight of family farmers in “Desert Of Desire” to the bittersweet escapism of the title track “Johnny Sunshine and The Rainbows”, from the biting social commentary of “Worst Superhero” and “The End Is Near” to the sea change of love in “Show Me What’s Mine” and “Cinnamon Hair”, the songs and spirit of The Pollocks never abandon the search for the endurance of life, hope and love:

You tell me that you’re scared of the great unknown
You wish sometimes that life would just leave you alone
But these are days’ worth living, these are days to survive
These are the days when love is alive

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