Sat, Apr 21, 2018

Listen First in Charlottesville

Presented by Bridge Alliance Education Fund

  1. To support the progress of healing and reconciliation in Charlottesville. 
  2. To inspire America toward mending the frayed fabric of society by bridging divides with conversations that prioritize understanding the other.

Listen First Conversations which prioritize understanding the other among panels of local and national influencers as well as personal conversations amongst all attendees that both enhance understanding and spark ideas for action, followed by inspiring keynotes. Conversation topics will include: 

  • Charlottesville's Historical Divisions and Fresh Wounds
  • Charlottesville Working to Heal and Progress
  • A Nation Divided
  • Bridging Divides Across America

This event is part of the first National Week of Conversation (April 20-28) in which Americans come together coast to coast and #ListenFirst to understand the other in conversation.
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