Fridays After Five

Fri, Aug 18, 2017

Fridays After Five

ft. Killer Deluxe w/ Travis Elliott & Friends


Killer Deluxe - Vintage Retro Soul - Free Show

Killer Deluxe is the throwback brain child of Andy Waldeck and Chris Reardon. This dynamic duo of multi-instrumentalists and singer/songwriters has been producing and songwriting together since the late 90’s when their groundbreaking modern rock quartet, Earth To Andy, was lighting up stages around the country.  

Earth To Andy toured nationally with Stone Temple Pilots, Fuel and Tonic, and more in an effort to promote their critically acclaimed record “Chronicle Kings”, on Warner Brothers boutique label, Giant Records.

Following Earth To Andy, the duo found a steady flow of songwriting work together, landing notable cuts with artists such as Daughtry, David Cook, and others. While enjoying the rewards of writing for established artists, these two had something new brewing in their collective minds. KILLER DELUXE was born from songs the duo had initially penned for other artists into a cohesive collection of tunes.

KILLER DELUXE’s self-titled album was released in February of 2016 and has been blowing minds since it dropped on the strength of their lead single “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”

Chris and Andy decided it was time to try this new creation out in a live setting. Charlottesville, VA being home turf, it was the obvious choice for the summer live performance of KILLER DELUXE!

Dual lead vocal duties are handled by Chris and Andy in the same “trading lines”, Blues Brothers-style employed on the album.

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