Groove Train - Fridays After Five

Fri, May 19, 2017

Groove Train - Fridays After Five

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Groove Train - Virginia's Premier Disco Experience - Free Show

Interactive, high energy and always fun! Groove Train loves to perform & it shows! It’s funky, it’s wah wahs, it’s platform shoes but most of all it’s a PARTY. You can't resist the dance floor when Groove Train takes the stage. They will captivate you with an exciting blend of music from the days of disco, groovy costumes, outrageous hairstyles, and showmanship.

Reverend Booty Love - Lead Vocal - The Reverend’s First job was at Club 54, and while the reverend was slinging drinks to the celebrity clientele, he learned the Gospel of the Disco.

Foxy Delicious -Vocal - Moving on from her career as a Headliner and show girl in some of Vegas’ finest establishments, Ms. D is making her life meaningful by singing with and for the wonderful boys in The Groove Train. She also runs a home for wayward girls in Altavista, VA. Y’all stop by and see us now, ya hear!?

Titus T - Guitar - Titus T Guitar gunslinger from Encino, California. Now a man about town, walking softly and blasting the funk to the nation. Dropping the P Funk bomb for the world to hear.

Vinnie Barbarino - Bass Player - Holds down the bottom end of the groove on the bass

Victor Ray Valentine - Back up Vocal - Got into the Adult entertainment business in the early to mid 70`s. He was in High demand until he found a new love, Music

Frankie Fly - Drummer - This drummer was born in Detroit. Rumor has it the late James Brown is his estranged father. Started touring with the Brown band early in life and found his love for the funk. Keep your lady friends at a distance cause he has a way of taking them home after the show.

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Free Show
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