C'ville's Purple Allstars - Tribute to Prince - Fridays After Five

Fri, Aug 31, 2018

C'ville's Purple Allstars - Tribute to Prince - Fridays After Five

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C'ville's Purple Allstars - Tribute to the One and Only - Prince  - Free Show

Some of Charlottesville’s Finest Players are coming together to pay tribute to the unparalleled singer, song-writer, producer, actor, and cultural phenomenon, Prince. "Cville's Purple All Stars” will be performing two sets: Purple Rain in its entirety & another including many of Prince’s Greatest Hits.

A trail-blazer, Prince’s music transcended traditional standards and masterfully integrated funk, rock, R&B, new wave, soul, and pop into a unique genre that was truly his own. His influence in art, music, and culture will leave lasting impressions on those to come and his contributions will never be forgotten. Although he left us far too soon, Prince's memory will live on through his music. Join us in honoring the life and work of a true legend.

Cville's Purple All Stars, features Jamal Millner (Guitar/Conductor), Anita Byers, Davina Jackson and Ezra Hamilton (Vocals), Ivan Orr (Keyboards), Jeff Louderback (Drums), Chris Redd (Keyboards) and Vic Brown (Bass/Vocals).

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