Bobblehead - Fridays After Five

Fri, Jun 28, 2019

Bobblehead - Fridays After Five

7th Grade Girl Fight


Bobblehead - Swamp Boogie Rock! - Free Show

BOBBLEHEAD’s swamp boogie gets in your head and rattles your toes. Dance or sit back, this rock and roll trio puts unique lyrics and robust harmonies out front. “Every song is a journey,” “Seriously well-crafted songs with killer rocking hooks and clever lyrics.” “Beautiful voice stuff going on!” “A band I can actually listen to,” so say Facebook fans. BOBBLEHEAD has been featured on 106.1 The Corner, 91.1 WTJU, has played Charlottesville’s Fridays After Five, Tea Bazaar, Batesville Market, Shebeen, Whiskey Jar, IX Art Park, Glass House Winery, and Dürty Nelly’s. Grab their new EP.

Frank Bechter, guitar, bass, vocals

Doug Bishop, guitar, bass, vocals

David Jacobs, drums

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Free Show
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    Free Show


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